Indonesian Halal Food at Taipei City – Taiwan

Salam, you may find Indonesia Halal Food just next to Taipei Grand Mosque, located at Xinsheng S. Road, Daan District.


A Weekend for Me (and maybe for you too)

Some people complained how exhausted their weekend is, yes fun, but tiring. Coming to office at monday morning at low energy and less passionate. Others said, weekend is too short, still no time for doing sports, seeing parents, playing with kids, doing social work, and other important things in their life.

Surely we need to remember, same like working days, time is always limited and with so many things to do during the weekend. as well. But the bottom line, we need ensure our body and mind is recharged during this period, and things are meaningful to our life.

Let’s find things we need to do during weekend, surely balanced approach shall be addressed to do it:

1. Doing rest.
No doubt. Weekend is for resting. We can recover ourselves from tiring moment, sleepless time during working days. Take more napping, have relaxed days are necessary. If you do meditation, this can be part of resting too. Why not to do reflexology, massage and use other services to recharge your body and mind.

2. Sports
We can use 2-3 hours for sports. Weekend is right time to do more serious sport activities, while we just can do light ones during office days.

3. Family days
It’s good time to spend time with family members: kids and spouses. Make more time meeting parents, brothers, sisters. Definitely, it will be hard to do during business days.

4. Social works
Helping others to solve their problem always bring happiness. Giving back our contribution to helpless people such as orphan house, poor people, worshipping houses, etc

5. Recreation
Surely we need to entertain ourselves, enjoying entertainment program wherever at with whatever budget you have, maybe theatre, amusement park or even only at pubic park.

6. Worshiping & Spiritual Activities
It’s good to worship God or simply do spiritual activities. Why not spend time at mosque, temple, church or other worshipping houses? Devote ourselves to God, do high spiritual activities which definitely recharge our mind and soul.

7. Doing your hobby
Certainly, weekend is good time to do your hobby, shifting your mind to other things than works, family problems etc. You can do it yourself or within community or groups.

8. Learning
Weekend is also good for learning, can be related to your work or completely different. Ensure, learning process not to make you tiring further, instead making it fun and recharging yourself.

Well look so many things to do, but i firmly believe we can do: with good plan and execution. My suggestion is to put 2 hours time for each, and it will end up about 16-20 hours used for the above activities. Weekend is about 48 hours at Saturday + Sunday, please few hours during friday evening (remember weekend starts at friday evening).

Let’s avoid time waster, such as traffic or “too long conversation” or “waiting for others”. Use time effectively, as time is always limited.

I’m sure better planning and executive during the weekend, will make it more meaningful for us, recharge ourselves and create higher energy at monday morning.

Happy weekend everyone….)


Salam, sebagian orang suka mengatakan bahwa dirinya belum memperoleh hidayah, atau sulit mendapat hidayah. Sebagian bertanya dimana sang hidayah?

Secara pribadi, saya mengumpamakan “hidayah” bagaikan sinar matahari yang diberikan Tuhan kepada manusia, menyinari sebagian besar dunia, manusia dan rumah-rumah tempat mereka tinggal. Secara umum, hidayah mudah didapat, gratis (atau tidak mahal), asalkan kita keluar rumah berdiri dan menikmati cahaya matahari tersebut. Kita dapat menikmati sinar-sinar hidayah tersebut disaat kita membuka jendela-jendela rumah kita, membiarkan sinarnya menyinari ruang-ruang dalam rumah kita, kebun-kebun dan taman-taman kita.

Bersembunyi di dalam rumah, menutup semua pintu dan jendela hanya akan menutup cahaya matahari mengenai diri kita. Menutup diri dan rumah kita dari hidayah Tuhan, menyebabkan kita jauh dari hidayah. Kita akan terbiasa hidup dalam kegelapan, dan akhirnya menjadi hamba sang raja kegelapan: “iblis”

Mari kita keluar menikmati cahaya matahari, cahaya hidayah sang Ilahi, Insya Allah

Jakarta is Invaded !

Let’s write a short history!

A group of people landed at Jakarta, attacked, bombarded homes of local people (which is us). They use advanced military weapons, killing our children, our parents, women. Our homes are destroyed and demolished. Thousands of us became refuges. Jakarta has been OCCUPIED !

From time to time, this group of people keep oppressing the local ones. Apartheid system works. We as local people live with injustice system. Legal treatment on the court and public place always not fair for us. This group of people, with thousands of reasons keep stealing our land, building their own homes in-front of our eyes.

Feeling helpless, some of brave local people demonstrated their courage to defend. They attacked sporadically with most traditional weapon they have. They did not mean to go to war, simply want to get back their land, restore their dignity, and try to put justice for their families.

Those group of people who currently occupy said this brave people as terrorist, who disturb the peaceful moment. Panically, this occupier is getting mad bombarding and burning here and there. More casualties came, mostly civilians.

With their media power, this occupier claimed this is about self defense. They have right to defend “the land” they stole from others, and the lawful owner of the land does not have right to re-claim, and labelled as terorist.

End of story….can we see who’s truly devil in this story?

As this is what happened in Palestine – Israel conflict for more than 60 years, and presently GAZA in always constant attacks !


EPILOGUE: I really wish just few years from now, peace will come to Holy Land, with whatever format agreed: two states solution or one state bi-national solution (without apartheid applied there). Hope to see Arabs and Jewish can live together peacefully as they did more than 1-2 centuries ago. Children will be safe without any threat from military or (so called as) terrorism actions.  No occupation, along with No Terrorism.


Sanggup-kah CAPRES Kita Membangun Ekonomi Bangsa Kita? (Post Debat Ronde ke-2)

Sebagai “pencinta” bisnis dan ekonomi, saya kecewa melihat kedua capres kita malam ini, tapi kalau harus ada pemenangnya, saya akui pemenang malam ini adalah “Prabowo”. At least dia memaparkan beberapa data dan objectives dalam angka2x, menjawab dgn tegas, dan cepat. Beliau memenangkan debat malam ini dgn kemampuan debat, orasinya, TAPI tidak memuaskan substansi ekonominya.

Beberapa hal yg tidak dijelaskan sama sekali: perpajakan, bagaimana strategi perpajakan buat SME, PMA, bagaimana mengejar pajak dari perusahaan2x yg besar2x.
Akses model? bagaimana venture capital, banks bisa membiayai usaha2x kecil. apalagi kalau bicara ekonomi kreatif, bagaimana perlindungan intellectual property. Prabowo tidak mampu menjeaskan pengendalian inflasi, tapi Jokowi juta tdk meng-elaborasi bagaimana pengendalian inflasi di daerah2x. Bagaimana pengendalian currency kita? tidak ada juga yg menyentuh. Sempat disenggung APBN, Trade deficit, tapi tidak ada yg substantif menjelaskan masalah dan solusi-nya.

satu hal berbahaya yg dikatakan Jokowi adalah membuat pembatasan “barrier” bagi pemilik perusahaan asing atau bisnis asing, yg bisa jadi melanggar kesepakatan WTO atau ASEAN yg telah disepakati pemerintah Indonesia dan diretifikasi parlemen Indonesia.

secara umum, saya kecewa dgn hasil debat. Saya tidak merasa jawaban kedua capres “mampu” menjawab permasalahan ekonomi bangsa dan mengankat nasib bangsa kita. Namun, mudah2x-an kedua calon wapres mungkin bisa menutupi kekurangan mereka.

Sampe bertemu di ronde ke-3 , selamat malam, selamat istirahat dan wassalam

How Much Does Your “Car” Cost You in a Month?

As folks at Jakarta, are difficult to access good public transportation, both in quality and quantity , thus more and more people decide to buy and driver their own car. But do you know how much your car cost you in a month?

when talking about its cost, most people will talk about gasoline, parking fee as the biggest component. that’s true, but there’s another one, the car price itself ! let’s list down the cost, and we might be surprised with the total cost

1. Car Acquisition Cost, let’s assume, we buy car at the price of IDR 250,000,000,-, which you will use it for 10 years, and residual value (selling price at the end of usage period) is IDR 50,000,000-. Therefore we might say cost/month will be IDR 200,000,000/120 months = 1,666k/month. And, this is if you buy the car in cash, if you pay in credit, there will be another cost of fund, which depends on the interest rate and payment tenure, but i believe this will add more cost about 10-30%.

2. gasoline cost. this is getting more expensive, as today car needs to fuel either Pertamax or Shell, no more premium. Based on my observation, it might cost at least around IDR 2,000,000/month. If you live at suburb, work at center of Jakarta, with kids drop off/pick up activities, this can even reach up to IDR 3-4 mio/month. especially if you drive higher CC car.

3. parking cost. with the parking fee is in average IDR 4-5/hour, i think we will need at least IDR 750,000 – 1,000,000/month.

4. car regularly needs repair and maintenance, including replacing tyre, accu, etc. In (pro-rated) monthly basis, it will cost you IDR 750,000.-, also it cost you about IDR 200-300k for car annual tax (STNK).

5. this is will add cost dramatically, “driver”. some middle class people afford to pay, as they can use the “wasted commute time” at car, and reducing parking, car washing time. Let’s put at Jakarta minimum wage for the salary standard IDR 2,500,000.-/month.

6. other thing is about insurance expense, which might charge us in prorated based IDR 300-500k/month

here, we can calculate. car might cost us IDR 5,600,000/month if you don’t hire driver, and will be IDR 8,100,000.- by hiring driver. I believe this estimated cost is very conservative. I’m sure this will be higher then this: if you buy car in credit, more expensive cars (higher cc), longer distance among your resident, office, schools, more activities, etc.

for whatever reason we drive our own car, but good to know the real cost, and we might consider further. this is expensive, but indeed everyone has their own concerns, needs.